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Bilbao, Finished 2019


Vivienda y Suelo de Euskadi, S.A. (Visesa)


In cooperation with




Area: 6.388 sqm

HPO floor area: 30.905 sqm

HPO dwelligns: 361

Activities floor area: 1.400 sqm

Floor area: 19.166 sqm

190 underground parking places

Budget: 28.500.000 €



The project is part of the PERI (interior reform special plan) for industrial area development located on Ibaizabal river banks, the Bilbao southern area.

Two separate buildings from level ground, PB + 9 both of them, topped by two towers (PB + 27 and PB + 20 respectively), with commercial use ground floor, and common basement floors with parking and storage use.

The project has been designed in accordance with the Passivhaus standards energy requirements, and will be built with technical improvements in insulation, thermal bridges measures control, high-performance and recovery heat systems.

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