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Barcelona, 2015


Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge

(Ajuntament de Barcelona)


In cooperation with

Estudio Vivas Arquitectos, Pau Vidal Pont, 



Restricted competition

58 dwellings

58 underground parking places



The project is included in the 4th redevelopment phase of Bon Pastor neighborhood, where street, redefined by the morphological change in the area, plays a decisive role in habitants live. 


The proposal seeks to maintain this 'home' feeling, working the relationship with the outside. Each house has an exterior space around 15sqm, which can be incorporated into the interior due to the double skin of polycarbonate, allowing the use of this garden throughout the year.

The proposal advocates to do all dwellings passant, fact that provides simplicity to the plan. The regarding guidance decision is also vigorously, day spaces look to the park and the river, and night sapces to the street. This is reversed on the ground floor to add the garden to the living/dining room and kitchen.

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