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Miquel Roa, chief architect Arquitectura Produccions, has a long experience:


  • Professor of Urban Planning at Barcelona School of Architecture since 1976.

  • Member of the Conseil Pédagogique Les Ateliers de Cergy - Paris since 1984 (International Workshop on urban projects in metropolitan areas).

  • He has conducted several studies and publications on metropolitan and especially on the area of the Llobregat in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

  • Participation with different levels of responsibility in the strategic plans of the Baix Llobregat, Cornellà Esplugues.

  • Public opinion articles about architecture and urbanism in daily newspapers and specialized.


All these tasks give to Arquitectura Produccions broad vision on architecture and urbanism in our time.

Arquitectura Produccions works have been published in several occasions, among which:


  • Can Llovera neighborhood (Sant Feliu de Llobregat), in the book of Miguel Ruano Ecourbanism Gustavo Gili 1999. This district is considered one of the first built in Spain with a high level of sustainability.

  • Walden Block (Egham) EDILIZIA Popolare in December 2002. It is considered an important building operations between new housing in Europe.


The set of Architecture Productions was presented at the exhibition OFF BCN Palau Robert in May 1997, which was published in the catalog. The exhibition was shared with Ignasi Riera, writer, Rocky George, and Richard Vaccaro sculptor, painter and sculptor. The exhibition was opened by the President of the Government and visited by more than 6000 people.


Arquitectura Produccions has extensive experience in planning sectors, such as urban land development land. Some works:


  • General Plans Corbera, Cervello and Vallirana.

  • Plans structuring urban Cornellà de Llobregat Esplugues.

  • Reform of marginal developments like La Guardia to San Vicente of gardens, today developed or Finestrelles North Esplugues de Llobregat.

  • Replacing industrial uses such as residential Trinxet L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, now in the process of urbanization and construction, or Avenida Barcelona Sant Joan Despi, currently in the process of urbanization and construction.

  • Change of use of industrial and tertiary hotel as Bayer building in Sant Joan Despi, as built.

  • Public transportation, such as the implementation of urban lower section, built today, and the new tram on Avenue underground train in Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

  • Reform of the old towns with Esplugues being drawn.

  • New industrial developments, Can Calderon, Sant Boi de Llobregat,Sant Vicens, currently built.

  • New residential developments as Gasulla Riera Sant Boi or Can Llobera Sant Feliu de Llobregat, or already built Mas Lluhí in Egham in development stage.

  • Reordering the areas of facilities as Muntanyeta in Sant Boi de Llobregat, as finalized.

  • Mixed-use residential, tertiary and public transport as Cergy Nord in Paris.


Usually Arquitectura Produccions is responsible for developing an integrated planning, development and the reparcel.lació. In many cases also develops projects and project management of construction.

The wide and diverse experience, while intense, the firm provides a high capacity to face these types of challenges.


Arquitectura Produccions has written and directed work places and parks, while it has developed complete planning developments made by the company itself.

This is a sample of them:


  • Market Square Plains in Sant Joan Despi (first project built in 1980 and remodeled in 1999 complete incorporating underground car park)

  • The Park Muntanyeta in Sant Boi de Llobregat, built in the first phase..

  • New developments neighborhoods Can Llovera in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Trinxet in L'Hospitalet, both already built or Bellavista in Sant Joan Despi and Mas Lluhí in Egham, ready to start work.

  • Housing developments related to the tram and the new Avenue of Sant Feliu on the underground railway project being drawn.

  • Several major islands housing operations have led to the development of their environment. As an example Island Walden Saint Just, Torrente Ballester in Vilamoura, Can Cervera Esplugues or Montejurra Sant Feliu, all these already completed. Building Plaza & Janes or Cornellà center.


In the tasks of Architecture Productions, is as important projection of open spaces that respond to creative uses of public space while creating environments that contain; as the definition of advertising gradients between the interior of the house and the street; private terrace, garden • collective group, pedestrian route or places.


Arquitectura Produccions has a long experience of architecture in all types of housing, both free and protected by building type, and custom public, private or cooperative.


  • Building and four detached houses in Sant Feliu de Guixols construction.

  • Terraced family house as Nijar Almeria.

  • Terraced house, like Can Llovera homes in Sant Feliu de Llobregat or militia Street in Esplugues, both built.

  • Terraced street Alfonso XII as Barcelona or the Marie Curie Boulevard in Granollers.

    Tower as Can Llobera or Torreblanca in Sant Joan Despi.

  • Tower as Can Llobera or Torreblanca in Sant Joan Despi.

  • Building, as the built in Walden St. Just, Oakwood Avenue in Vilamoura, Can Cervera Esplugues or Montejurra in Sant Feliu de Llobregat. Can Clota are currently under construction and Plaza & Janes Esplugues, San Gabriel, Cornellà Centre and Torre Europa in L'Hospitalet.


In most projects island full planning - development - building an integrated process was one architectural project. In all of them there is a high complexity of urban and commitment program.


For Arquitectura Produccions to experience architecture in programs that are not housing is also important.


  • Industrial: the buildings of the polygon Armenteres in Sant Feliu.

  • Commercial Boulanger with the Alcampo at  the estate of Sant Boi.

  • Tertiary with two buildings Av. Barcelona Sant Joan Despi.

  • Mix of uses such as Bayer building, offices and hotel in Sant Joan Despi.

  • Sports, athletics track in Sant Boi or indoor Can Melich in Egham.

  • Cultural Center of the Plains and Library in Sant Joan Despi.

  • CCongresses. Conference Centre in Castelldefels, executive project.

  • School, Primary school in Turre Almeria


Working with diverse programs woman in the office much versatility in his approach to architecture.


In this chapter we present an Arquitectura Produccions catchall that includes exhibitions and interior design on one side and furniture design and R+D to another.


  • Among different mounts exhibitions by artists highlight the key Guinovart the room itself and L'Hospitalet Barcelona OFF at the Palau Robert.

  • Interiorism include the rehabilitation of Casa Calvet, Gaudí building of the same name.

  • Furniture design, the staff and the Fanal'Het Fanal'H beacon, the Banc Maria or chair Castanyola.

  • Research on construction issues begins with the international project Green Facade. Currently we are preparing new projet.


These activities reinforce the versatility and creative power of the office.



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