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Barcelona, 2014


Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge

(Ajuntament de Barcelona)


In cooperation with

Estudio Vivas Arquitectos, Pau Vidal Pont



Restricted competition

45 assisted dwellings

Day centre for the elderly

55 underground parking places



The project is part of the PEU (urban special plan) for plot equipments restructuration placed in "Las Hermanitas de los Pobres" area.


The building proposed has a covered patio (13,20m x 13,20m) as a protected, lighting and ventilation intermediate space, which allows through walkways the housing acces, and organizes the day centre elders program. The full and empty, horizontal and vertical, light and shade game, provides rhythm and domestic character to the façade.  

All dwellings are passant and are endowed with terraces. Living rooms + terraces and bedrooms are located in the exterior façade, and kitchens + dining rooms in the interior patio.  

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