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Almería, 2009


Ayuntamiento de Turre



Floor: 8.883 m2s

Ceiling: 3.355 m2st

Budget: 2.299.711 €



Basic Project, Executive Project and Management of teaching center Barranco del Negro. Project 2005. Completion of work 2009.


The school is placed on the site aterrassant up with a privileged view of the core of Turre. Adaptation of the project emphasized the terrain makes its horizontality. For orientation, the building is protected with respect to the setting sun. And therefore covered by the system of gardens, has an optimum operation point of view climate.

Located on both sides of the main entrance (which is a level intermediate ) are the two volumes that make up the project. Between the extremes there is a difference of up to 15m, which is why accessibility plays a key role in the building. These volumes are linked via a ramp that unfolds completely adapted in parallel and across the street from the outside.

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