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Esplugues de Llobregat, 2013





Lightning de 70cm high and 25 cm diameter. Made of steel.



Urban design


Tamboled is a new concept of urban lightning, where is joined the urban bolard street needs and urban seats need.

A steel tube of 10cm in diameter supported by a sheet of 25x25cm and also topped by a metal lamp of 25cm in diameter. The lamp has an asymmetrically position respect to the support tub, flying 5cm by one side and 10cm by the other one, in order to direct the light beam where we want. An aluminium deflector shaped as an inverted cone trunk, holds de LEDs, a system of lightning that permits minimum energy consumption, an increasing durability and a reduced maintenance.

Made of steel, admits all exterior finishes types: corten, oxirón, gotéle, etc.



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