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Sant Just Desvern, 2011


Private Customer



Floor: 396,0 m2s

High ceiling above ground: 396,0 m2st

Ceiling underground: 336,51 m2st

Budget: 456.003,00 €


Building with 3 flats and parking. It is a volume with a height stepped on the ground floor and the 2PP. This volume is devoted to housing, except plant access and parking.

As for the image of the building, the game highlights the generous openings on all fronts , with balconies 2m flight on a plan - colored facade .

The balconies are metal railings , while the openings are unified with color sheet forming parts of larger entities . Given the orientation of the volume and available in 4 sides , there is proper ventilation and sunlight homes . We provide sunscreens with metal slats .

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