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Esplugues de Llobregat, 2010





Area: 9.351 sqm

Total floor area: 14.275 sqm

Offices area: 7.029 sqm

Dwelling floor area: 6.575 sqm

Commercial area: 3.853 sqm

Parking floor area: 10.262 sqm


The decision to place a slender tower of 60m (the base is 94m above sea level and the roof is 154m above) in the intersection of two streets, establishing a territorial milestone at different scales.

“Pont d’Esplugues” interrupts an urban continuity between the parts of the city on the west and the east.

The new “Revolt” square has a real complexity due to it develops the two levels of the fronts of the two different avenues, which incorporates commercial uses between the two levels; all that in response to the vehicular access to the underground parking an to the pedestrian pathways permeable.

The longitudinal building will have different distributions depending on the client demands: small apartments, apartments of 80m², …etc. The size and the orientation allow the maximum distribution versatility to the building. It is important to emphasize on its urban and architectonics profiles.

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