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Esplugues de Llobregat, 2003





Urban design product.

Award "Opinió Premis Delta 2003 (ADI-FAD)"


The first idea was to create an urban bolard that could become more than a decorative element. A hybrid between urban beacon and lamppost which is far away to the mushrooms lights. It has a weight of 1,5m and a section of 168mm diameter, some strips that control the lights direction, illuminate the pedestrian’s views and his back, it gets a more diffuse light through a circular perforations.

The incorporation of this illuminated element in a staff makes the idea stronger. Converting the tub in a functional part of the lamp, instead of being just used as a support.

The column becomes a luminary, flee from second adjacent elements, it is a simply cut window to illuminate the way.  An optimal window for the walkers and another for the drivers.

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