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Sant Feliu de Llobregat, 1991





Sector area: 44.820 sqm

Total floor area: 32.934 sqm

Dwelling floor area: 31.209 sqm

Number of Dwellings: 242

Activities floor area: 1.725 sqm



Modification of Master Plan and Special Plan, formally approved in 1988. (Development project completen in 1991)


Neighborhood placed right in the middle of Sant Feliu de Llobregat with no roads in its interior (the underground parkings are connected between them). Ecology and civility are two solidarity concepts in Can Llovera.

Four tower front gives counterpoint to Can Maginàs neighborhood. Two towers and two duplex maisonettes face the Riera de la Salut. Can Lovera and Can Dot farmhouses help to create the square and the park.

Inside, the terraces and the collective garden of the attached typologies value is optimized. A 4x3 path network, with squares in the intersections, permeabilizes the neighborhood.

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