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Barcelona, 2016


Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge

(Ajuntament de Barcelona)


In cooperation with

Estudio Vivas Arquitectos, Pau Vidal Pont, 



WINNERS. Restricted competition

112 dwellings

186 underground parking places



The Marina del Prat Vermell neighborhood represents the last modification of a city area in constant evolution, with the challenge of defining a new mixed-use neighborhood integrated in the city.  


The proposal seeks to balance three scales that faces a housing building (city, community and housing), working all of them in parallel and generating intermediate spaces of transition between each one. Because of the strength of the maximum volume defined in the planning, the building is configurated in three independent pieces supported on a common base. Each piece is structured answering the different immediate contexts, guidelines and program, with a vertical core facing two directions, that incorporates community spaces every two floors facing the street. The housing can not be understood without the previous space preceding it. The walkways and the intermediate space give sufficient transitional margin to the flat, and it has a clean structural module that includes space access, laundry-kitchen, living room and terrace in a continuous sequence from the inner facade to the street.

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