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Sant Just Desvern, 1996





Sector Area: 5.787 sqm

Total floor area: 21.534 sqm

Dwelling floor area: 20.938 sqm


Activities floor area: 596 sqm

Budget: 8.467.945 €



Basic and Executive Project, and Construction Management of 189 dwellings. 

Detailed study.


On a 16 meters ravine depth was designed and directed the development of the Walden Block. A new six-story building with a hull 185 meters facade. Large building, and big block, facing a small village composed of small blocks. 

Fragmenting, permeate, lightening and weaken the strength convex volume has been the central task of the project.

Horizontal, floating and fragile architecture, which contains a dense and heavy complex program (189 dwellings with 24 different types of duplex and single). Answering the tension between the tectonical building Walden 7, and Sant Just Desvern south neighborhood fragmentation. 

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